Empire has fulfilled a wide range of CEO and board-level engagements with a clear understanding of the inherent pitfalls in assembling an effective and knowledgeable senior management team. CEO searches are performed directly by teams of our most seasoned consultants and partners.

Empire’s closure rate on these engagements ranks us at the top of the core industries we serve. We search for superior board members who bring significant business opportunity to the boards on which they serve.

This synergy effectively addresses the pressure of added scrutiny by investors, regulators and the general public during challenging economic crises. The inherent ability of new directors to help strength or grow the enterprise frames the focus of Empire’s process.


Aerospace/Defense Technology | Electronics/Electronic Materials | Precious Metals | CEO/Board Services | Energy/Alternative Energy | Financial Services | Professional Services/Consulting | Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology | Advanced Materials/Ceramics/Chemicals | Medical Device Manufacturing

Offices in Principal Cities
Toronto, Denver, New York, Washington D.C
Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, London