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Measured Integration of Human Performance Management

Empire successfully undertakes client engagements that seek to provide senior management with a better appreciation of its human capital assets. Input from such evaluations can be valuable to management as it determines whether current leaders have skills sets necessary to support continued advancement of current and future corporate objectives. Often, behavioral fine tuning derived through application of Empire’s process brings significant changes in productivity and morale.

Competency based

- Development of custom competency measurements tools

- Grading the managements competencies against job performance expectations

- Integration of “take action” type activities to address any deficiencies

Behavioral based

- Utilize proven tools to evaluate behavior

- Model any need for corrective action

- Develop structured programs to address areas of relative weakness

- Follow-though as necessary to insure that remedial tasks are completed successfully

- Re-assess to track authenticity of new behavioral patterns that support enhanced results for the organization

Statistically Based

- Utilize proven 360 degree measurement tools

- Quantify results and identify areas of concern

- Calibrate specific tasks for each manager address concerns

- Successful implementation of process Follow-through to insure integration of new skills across the organization.


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