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Strategic Organizational Alignment

Empire leads change in organizational alignment by performing an initial assessment of internal leadership. Empire’s process in these engagements can be outlined by the following steps:

- Definition of strategy – What are the goals of the organization?

- Development of tactical plan – How does the organization realize these goals?

- Assessment of current resources through proven statistical assessment process – Do we have the right individuals in the proper roles to effect success of the plan?

Once these actions have been completed, Empire works with its clients to align their human capital with their stated intentions.

Our advisory services can bring a shift in responsibilities for those currently within the organization to improve their ability to contribute to corporate success. Often bringing new leadership talent into the organization can fill gaps left by both these internal moves and the creation of new opportunities based on changing market conditions.

Properly executed, Empire’s involvement with the process can produce alignment change that improves bottom lines, strengthens customer satisfaction, raises employee commitment and enhances their motivation, and allows the organization to attain its stated goals, often at a lower cost due to effective deployment of its human capital.

Empire’s leadership intelligence, developed through years of client engagement experience, can bring a significant improvement in profitability to organizations requiring an internal overhaul of critical executive teams.


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