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Succession Planning

With the continued scrutiny from both private investors and public stockholders regarding corporate governance, succession planning is critical to the continued success and sustainability of the enterprise. When making decisions about leadership success, the management team, in coordination with the board of directors, must articulate a clear vision for the business’ future.

Therefore, it is vital that successors, whether in CEO or other “C” level functional roles are both qualified and prepared to lead the business on a go-forward basis in a manner consistent with that vision. For over thirty years, Empire has assisted its clients in preparing for all eventualities, from short-term emergency succession to long-term planned passing of corporate control.

This experience, our deep industry understanding, and access to key leadership through years of market tracking, uniquely qualifies Empire to partner with boards, chief executives, and human resource management as they embark upon the succession process.

Steps in this process include:

- Definition of process

- Delineation of clear, concise vision of organizational goals

- Formulation of short and long term corporate plans

- Definition of specific requirements for new leadership individual

- Measurement of current management team to assess strengths and weakness of internal leadership

- Retained search for new executive

- Transition/integration services and advising


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